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Common Cat Care Mistakes

July 01, 2020

Our feline pals have a reputation for being very easy keepers. However, Fluffy isn’t quite as independent as she would like us to think. In fact, kitties need good care to really thrive. Read on as a La Mesa, CA vet lists some common cat care mistakes.


Did you know that well over half of our feline friends are overweight or obese? Fluffy may still look adorable if she’s a bit chubby, but those extra pounds may really wreak havoc on her health. Ask your vet for specific recommendations on your kitty’s dietary needs. Let professional advice, not your furball’s cute meows, guide you.

Letting Kitty Roam

Kitties are quite curious, and they love to investigate what’s going on in their domains. This is one reason they are such fun pets. However, Fluffy is much better off staying inside, where she isn’t exposed to things like traffic, weather, and predators. Keep your cat indoors and out of danger!

Not Getting Fluffy Fixed

Getting your furry friend fixed is important for many reasons. First and foremost, it will help prevent unwanted litters, which are a major factor in pet overpopulation rates. It will also reduce or eliminate many bad behaviors, such as spraying and yowling. Plus, Fluffy will be healthier and calmer after.

Lack Of Veterinary Care

Fluffy has tried very hard to convince us that she’s invincible. She certainly seems to think she is, with all of those gravity-defying jumps and antics. However, at the end of the day, kitties are very small and vulnerable, and they are very susceptible to illness and injury. Keep up with your cat’s veterinary appointments. At home, watch for signs that something is wrong. If you do notice anything amiss, don’t wait to see if it resolves itself. Call your vet immediately.

No Petproofing

Cats certainly have a knack for getting themselves into trouble. Make sure your home is safe for your furball! Ask your vet for petproofing tips.

Not Enough Stimulation

We know, cats seem to like doing as little as possible. However, no matter how much time Fluffy spends sleeping, she’ll still need some things to do when she is awake. Provide your frisky feline with lots of toys, and play with her regularly.

Please reach out to us, your La Mesa, CA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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