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Tips for Adopting a Cat

June 01, 2020

June is Adopt A Cat Month! While there’s no wrong time to adopt a kitty, this is a great time to give a lucky feline a great forever home. At this time of year, shelters are overflowing with the annual influx of spring kittens. If you are planning to adopt a cat soon, read on! In this article, a LA Mesa, CA vet lists some tips for adopting a kitty.

Prepare To Be Chosen

Choosing a cat isn’t always easy, especially when you find yourself in a room with dozens of adorable felines. Of course, sometimes it’s Fluffy who does the choosing. Remember to keep an open heart. Don’t ignore that kitty who reaches her paw at you through the cage bars, or the funny-looking senior kitty with a purr that sounds like a broken freight train. Love is blind!

Spend Time With Fluffy

Before signing the paperwork to make things official, spend a bit of time with Fluffy. Adopting a cat is a huge decision! It’s important to be sure that you’re picking the kitty that is right for you.

Consider Getting Mittens, Too

This one will of course depend on your household and budget, as getting two cats isn’t necessarily going to be the right choice for everyone. However, if Fluffy is going to be an only pet, you may want to consider getting her a friend. You get to enjoy twice the cute, and your kitty gets a playmate and cuddle buddy!

Be Ready Beforehand

Before bringing your furball home, have everything she will need ready and waiting. This includes things like bedding, toys, treats, dishes, kitty furniture, and, of course, a litterbox. Put these things in a quiet back room. This will give your feline pal a comfy, quiet place to relax, settle in, and recuperate from the stress of being in a shelter.

Make Introductions Carefully

If you have other pets, you’ll want to proceed very carefully when introducing your furry pals. This should be done slowly, over the course of several days. First impressions are a big deal to kitties! Keep in mind that it can take cats some time to become friends with their new ‘siblings.’ Supervise all interactions for at least the first few weeks.

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