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How to Respect Your Cat

March 15, 2020

There’s a special kitty holiday coming up. March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day! Our feline friends may be small, but they have big personalities. They also have lots of love and cuddle to give. But how do you show a cat respect? A La Mesa, CA vet offers some tips below.

Offer Stimulation

You wouldn’t want to sit and stare at the walls all day, would you? Fluffy doesn’t either. Your cute little pet will get bored and restless without any stimulation. Offer your furball lots of toys, and give her a good window view. Daily play sessions will also keep your kitty happy and entertained.

Clean Litterbox

We probably don’t have to explain this one too much. Keep your furry friend’s purrsonal powder room clean! Cats hate dirty bathrooms, and who can blame them?

Veterinary Care

Kitties are very independent. However, they do still need regular veterinary care. Many of our feline patients don’t see us as often as they should! Ask your vet to recommend and appointment schedule.

Positive Reinforcement

Sooner or later, your kitty will do something that irks you. She may leave a hairball on the floor, knock something off a table, or scratch your sofa. Don’t punish your furry pal for these mishaps! Fluffy is just following her instincts. Instead, reward her with treats and praise when she is behaving. It’s also important to have your cat spayed or neutered .This alone will help with many behavioral issues.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms

Cats are often referred to as graceful and stealthy. However, some are anything but. Fluffy sometimes rolls off beds and chairs, misses simple jumps, or gets stuck halfway onto the sofa. While you probably can’t resist chuckling at some of these mishaps, it’s also important to realize that sometimes medical issues can be to blame. Don’t ignore possible red flags.

Proper Attention

Cats can be very cuddly, but they also get frightened easily. Never force attention on your kitty. Always let Fluffy decide when she wants to snuggle, and when cuddle time is over. (Of course, your furball may demand attention while you’re busy cooking dinner, only to ignore you when you’re reading, but that’s just purr for the course with our feline pals.)

Please feel free to contact us, your local La Mesa, CA vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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