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Keeping Fido Fit

December 01, 2019

Is your dog a furry bundle of zoom? Or do you have a four-legged couch potato on your hands? Regardless of how playful and energetic Fido is or isn’t, he will need proper activity to stay healthy. Read on as a LA Mesa, CA vet discusses doggy fitness.


Daily walks are the main form of exercise for many pups. Your furry friend may get bored if his walks always follow the same route. Let Fido enjoy a change of scenery by taking him to parks or beaches sometimes.


If Fido could list his favorite fitness activities, we suspect playing would be at the top of the list, followed closely by barkour. Playing is a great doggy workout! If your pooch has more energy than you do, stand at the top of a hill when playing Fetch or Frisbee. Your canine pal will have to go uphill to get back to you.


Swimming can be a great way for Man’s Best Friend to stay active. However, while some pooches take to water like goofy, four-legged ducks, others just aren’t well-suited to swimming at all. Small dogs, brachycephalic dogs, and very large breeds typically don’t do well in water. Ask your vet for specific advice. If you do get the green light, always put your pup’s safety first. Never leave your four-legged buddy unattended near water, and don’t let him swim in areas with heavy wakes, strong currents, or steep banks.


Fido can make a great workout buddy! Just be careful not to overexert your pet, and don’t let him overheat or get dehydrated. If your canine buddy starts panting or lagging behind, give him some water and then head home.

Workout Buddy

Do you like working out at home? Incorporate Fido into your routine! Grab a dog toy before doing sit-ups. Every time you come up, toss the toy for him to fetch. You can also do variations of this with squats and lunges. Of course, if you like yoga, you may be out of luck. Man’s Best Friend may have mastered Downward-Facing Dog, but he really isn’t the best yoga partner.


Every dog is different, so Fido’s exact activity needs will depend on several factors, including his age, weight, breed, and health. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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